Blockchain Tech & Platforms: Building the Best Blockchains

Keynote Taproom Talk

Moderator: Chris Jones
Panelists: Joe Roets, Matt Roszak

We’re doing something a little different – a boozy variation of a fireside chat that we like to call Taproom Talk. Join these Keynotes Speakers over some beer, wine, and of course, whiskey as they discuss where they see the industry moving towards.

Management of Private Keys (Cypherpunks, Secrets, and…Solutions, Oh My!) 

Moderator: Lindsay Nuon
Panelists: Kenneth Hodler, Stan Bounev, Karl Weaver

With every day that passes our dependency on cryptographic mechanisms to protect and preserve our digital assets and sensitive communications deepens and the threat landscape evolves challenging us with more sophisticated attack vectors than we’ve ever experienced. The stakes have never been higher. Join us to explore the threats, techniques, and tools that you’ll need to reduce your risks and improve your security posture.

Permissioned vs Public Blockchains:  One Type Does NOT Fit All

Moderator: Ed Kimm
Panelists: Paul Sonier, Rui Maximo, Matt Wolf

There are different Blockchain architectures designed for each specific use case.  Whether engineering for security or governance, private or public, supply chain or otherwise, there are several which can be built for every use case.  With the maturity of Blockchain services growing quickly, there are now more resources available to help guide the Blockchain ecosystem than ever before.

Learn the key differences between the benefits of each type of Blockchain, the meaning behind them, and how organizations are using it today to solve real business problems.

IoT & Blockchain Panel

Moderator: James Salter
Panelists: Rob Frederick, Paul Quigley

Billions of smart devices will be sold over the next decade and the Internet of Things (IOT) is set to transform countries, homes, and lives. Many IOT naysayers believe device security is a primary concern for mass adoption. Blockchain will play a significant role in how devices will communicate directly with each other.
The panel will discuss the current state of blockchain’s effect on IOT, where both industries are headed, how they’ll converge, and how blockchain and IOT will work synchronously.

DApps Development Demystified

Speaker: Robert Mao
Founder, Chief Architect at ArcBlock

As more people move to adopt Blockchain into their technology stack, many developers today are still faced with challenges related to usability, technology lock-in, and ever-changing changing business rules. At ArcBlock, we are making it easier to build, deploy and manage decentralized applications by eliminating many of today’s core adoption issues and rethinking how applications evolve as new blockchain protocols are adopted. With a constant focus on user-experience, our open platform empowers developers through a “top-down” strategy to easily evaluate, use, and switch between blockchain technologies including the ability to leverage multiple platforms simultaneously. With innovative features like Open Chain Access Protocol and Blocklet’s, ArcBlock’s platform is designed to bring developers a high-performance, user-friendly and blockchain-protocol agnostic platform that will drive the next generation of blockchain applications.

Price Discovery for Crypto-Assets: Auctions

Speaker: Kevin Beauregard
Founder and CEO at AUX

For centuries, auctions have been used as a means of price discovery, when an effective sale price is unknown to the seller. In liquid markets, price discovery is often achieved through derivatives, such as options or futures. In illiquid markets, or when no market exists, the best mechanism for price discovery is an auction. We’ll look at how auctions have been used by blockchain projects to-date and their importance going forward to both fungible and non-fungible crypto-assets.

Blockchain Powered Art

Speaker: Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia
Founder and CEO at Look Lateral

How is blockchain impacting art? Join Niccolò as he discusses how this new technology will impact this longstanding market.

Building with Blockchain on Azure

Speaker: JT Rose
Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

Explore with Jonathan to see why Microsoft is building on blockchain and using it as a solution to reduce fraud and form new revenue streams.

New Blockchain Innovations Panel

Moderator: Chris Champion
Panelists: Darren Marble, Paul Rogers, Max Niebylski

Catch up on the latest in blockchain and crypto from the industry experts building tomorrow’s innovations. The panel will be discussing the newest products and services hitting the blockchain market.