Investing in Blockchain

The Best Kept Secret for Advancing the Blockchain Industry

Speaker: Kiran Raj
Chief Strategy Officer at Bittrex

As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continues to expand into the mainstream, there are unique opportunities for digital exchanges to play a critical role in participation and distribution, limiting malicious behavior, fair price discovery, and securing the blockchain. Learn how digital exchanges, regulators, and the blockchain community can work together to improve transparency, accountability, and security in this industry.

Supporting Innovation on the Blockchain

Speaker: Katey Harrison
Director of Digital Assets at Bittrex

Most people think exchanges are only about making money; however, Bittrex approaches things a bit differently. We’re fully committed to advancing this revolutionary technology, which means supporting the world’s most innovative blockchain projects that meet our high bar for compliance as well as have a unique, new, or better way of doing something using the blockchain. My talk will focus on how Bittrex evaluates tokens, what it takes to get through our rigorous review process, and some pitfalls we’ve seen along the way.

Cryptoassets: New Asset Class & New Financial Infrastructure

Speaker: Peter Wilson
VP of Engineering at Blockchain

Learn more about New Asset Class & New Financial Infrastructure via the lens of Blockchain – a company rebuilding finance. Blockchain is the most trusted and fastest growing crypto company, helping millions across the globe have an easy and safe way to access cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain investments: Fortunes and Failures – Strategies and best practicess from an Angel Investor’s perspective

Speaker: Mark Mueller-Eberstein
Founder & CEO at Adgetec Corporation; Alliance of Angels Member; Advisor to Funds

The investment landscape is changing for both investors as well as startups – and both sides can do very well or lose everything.

For understanding and valuing the opportunities in a global market for ideas and capital, the best practices of successful angel investors can guide the small and large investors in the fast-moving blockchain ecosystem. Startups can improve their pitch to their communities when considering a dialog with many individual investors over traditional VC engagement.

Digital Commons: Communal Ownership of Informational Resources and Technology

Speaker: Adam Gering
Partner at Coinz Capital

Under the current structure of how information is held, this session will demonstrate how open source software, cryptography, blockchains, and tokens combine to establish a framework for the creation of digital commons and open a new digital frontier.

Investment Strategies for Blockchain & Crypto

Moderator: Mark Mueller-Eberstein
Panelists: Kate Mitselmakher, Matthew Le Merle, Jesse Proudman, Greg Heuss

There has been much talk about blockchain technologies and developing crypto assets as one of the most disruptive innovations of our lifetimes.

Does this present an investment opportunity? If so what investment strategies are possible and which are preferable?

Together we will explore this new landscape to better understand the fundamentals of investing in this new space.

Crypto Accounting: Misconceptions, Grey Areas and Where to Seek Advice

Moderator: Sadie Raney
Panelists: Megan Knab, Pat Larsen, and Elizabeth Crouse

Crypto Tax and Accounting issues bring forth a number of complicated questions on how to treat crypto assets, what the IRS is thinking about crypto taxes and which professionals really know what they are talking about.  Individuals and businesses struggle to determine how to handle trade profits/losses as well as crypto asset holdings.  This panel of experts will provide insight into the various lingering and unanswered questions surrounding this topic.

Post-Token Sale Operational Scaling

Speaker: Arry Yu
President of Storm

Executing a token crowdsale takes a lot of determination, persistence, and luck with timing.  Then the real fun begins working on building a startup with all of the typical startup challenges, amplified with all of the chaos and unknown in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.  Come hear about Storm in how we went from 2 young scrappy founders and a junior employee – to over a 25 employee multi-national company in 9 months since our tokensale in 2017. 

The Future of Mining in WA State 

Moderator: David Hoffman
Panelists: Zach Aufort, Brian Snyder

Mining was the first and still largely dominant form of achieving consensus in public blockchains. The mining industry has involved from a handful of mining rigs in the garages of enthusiasts to huge businesses. Although there is a proliferation of new consensus mechanisms that are being proposed—Proof-of-Stake, various Byzantine Fault Tolerant protocols, etc., for public blockchains, proof-of-work and mining are still the gold standard. The goal of this panel is to discuss the ongoing evolution of the mining market and its continued maturation.

The Institutionalization Curve

Speaker: James Radecki
Global Head of Business Development at Cumberland

Institutional interest in cryptoassets continues to rise, but the wall of institutional capital has yet to enter these markets. Join Cumberland’s Global Head of Business Development as he discusses the five key barriers to institutional adoption in the space and what it will take for the industry to become truly institutionalized.

Why Crypto Will Go Mass Market

Speaker: Neil Bergquist
Co-founder & CEO at CoinMe

The crypto market is begrudgingly shifting from broad market speculation to everyday utilization. Come learn about the use cases that are driving sustainable adoption globally, explore the opportunity landscape and learn why this is still the beginning of the future crypto economy.