Blockchain in Business: Use Cases, Proof of Concepts & Pilots

Preparing for the Blockchain Revolution

Speaker: Perianne Boring
Founder & President of Chamber of Digital Commerce

What is blockchain and why do we need it? Hear from the Perianne Boring, the founder and president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s leading trade association representing the blockchain ecosystem about how blockchain can be used to improve society, digital commerce, and business.

Infrastructure Security 

Speaker: Randy Bishop
General Manager – Energy Infrastructure at Guardtime

Our goal is to develop a Keyless Infrastructure Security Solution (KISS) to increase the trustworthiness, speed, integrity, and resiliency of EDS responsible for transactive energy exchanges and integration of distributed energy resources. KISS will develop the first blockchain Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) prototype to continuously monitor and autonomously verify energy exchanges. KSI will also provide cybersecurity integrity enhancements to the overall VOLTTRON platform providing integrity violation and tamper detection capabilities for application, configuration, and endpoint telemetry services.

Blockchain in the energy sector is getting attention, but KISS is different and will increase the integrity and trustworthiness of energy transactions by bringing together thought leaders.

Blockchain and the Business of Identity

Speaker: Chris Spanton
Sr. Architect – Blockchain, Cloud Center of Excellence at T-Mobile

Across the many identified blockchain use-cases which over the coming years will change the way we interact with the world around us, there are few more exciting than identity itself. Beyond the basics of the characteristics that define each individual, there is a deep discussion around how this information is stored, verified, and retrieved. To interact with the businesses that surround our lives, we also ask what is it I can do with my identity? In this session, we’ll explore identity on blockchain. The discussion will range from what is identity, and how does it interact with blockchain, to self-sovereign identity and the many participants working in this exciting space, as well as identity and access management and how our individual identities interact with businesses. Finally, we’ll explore the NEXT Identity Platform, a Hyperledger project that looks to provide an open-source toolset to address many of these questions.

Blockchain Has Only One Use Case

Speaker: J.R. Willett
Founder of the ICO

J.R. Willett invented the ICO concept in 2012 and performed the first ICO in 2013 (creating Mastercoin/Omni – the protocol that underlies Tether).  J.R. believes that blockchain has only one real use. Yes, there are thousands of projects using blockchain in innovative and interesting ways, but J.R. will show how all uses of blockchain have a simpler centralized solution. Yes, all of them, including ICOs. We only use blockchain because of one single use case: when the centralized solution can’t be trusted. We will look at several proposed uses for blockchain, and analyze why the simpler centralized solution exists but cannot be trusted.

Universal Leasing, Accessing a New Lease on Life

Speaker: Barret Newberry
CEO & Founder of Leasera

The disintermediation and the ability to refine the connection between product or service and customer. Blockchain has given way to an opportunity to step back and think differently. For Leasera, it’s allowed us to completely restructure the long-established business model of rental to renter. The very relationships within our traditional market are soon to change with unprecedented innovations happening as we speak. It will further unlock opportunities that were previously impossible before and we’re excited to be part of it.

How Bittrex and Unikrn are Working Together to Solve some of Blockchains Biggest Problems.

Speaker: Rahul Sood
CEO of Unikrn 

Hear from Rahul Sood on how Unikrn is making it easy for consumers to transact on blockchain using the most cutting edge wagering back end on Earth

Securing Documents and Regulatory Compliance Business

Speaker: Peter Loop
Principal Blockchain Architect at Tymlez 

Grant Thornton is a leading UK accounting firm wanting to automate and have immutable records of their audit process to meet regulatory compliance. They needed a secure document transfer and tracking solution that would:

  • Digitisation of the audit process
  • Secure exchange of confidential data with conditions and timelines
  • Immutable record of auditing and regulatory compliance

Tymlez developed a secure document sharing blockchain solution enabling smart contract rules to be applied to document approvals, multiple sign-offs, and authorizations.

  • Automation reduced timelines, overhead, and processing costs
  • Secure and encrypted document exchange between individuals
  • Increased trust due to an immutable proof of compliance

From Process Optimization to Industry Transformation

Speaker: Irv Latta
Director of Digital Enablement at Symetra

Blockchain can impact the insurance industry in many ways, from helping provide operational efficiency by cutting out middlemen to large-scale disruption through decentralization. On one side of the spectrum, you’ll hear stories about how a large consortium of insurance companies is planning to deploy blockchain solutions to improve operations and build trust with end consumers. And on the other end of the spectrum, we’ll discuss how young startups are trying to decentralize the entire concept of insurance through self-executing smart contracts. Lastly, we’ll discuss how insurance companies view cryptocurrencies and the opportunities they present.

Privacy in Healthcare

Moderator: Maura Little
Panelists: Molly Moore, Pam Dixon 

Why do we need blockchain in health care?  What are the opportunities and challenges to transform the health care system using blockchain?  Who is doing it best?  Join us as our expert panelists begin to unravel two complex issues, making sense of the real potential for disruption in the complex world of health care.

Enterprise Blockchain: Disrupting Healthcare

Speaker: Tony Little
Sr. Director of Integration Strategy at Optum360

Five leading healthcare organizations – Humana (NYSE: HUM), MultiPlan, Quest Diagnostics (NYSE: DGX) and UnitedHealth Group’s (NYSE: UNH) Optum and UnitedHealthcare have launched a pilot program applying blockchain technology to improve data quality and reduce administrative costs associated with changes to health care provider demographic data, a critical, complex and difficult issue facing organizations across the health care system. The companies will explore how the technology could help ensure the most current healthcare provider information is available in health plan provider directories. Providing consumers looking for care with accurate information when they need it is essential to a high-functioning overall health care system.

Please join Optum’s Tony Little, ND as he walks through the evolution of Optum’s blockchain strategy, ways to consider the technology, economics, and politics of blockchain consortia, and a high-level overview of the national provider data project.

Bean to Cup: Building a Supply Chain with People in Mind

Paul & Scott Tupper
Co-Founders of Onda Coffee 

We work in coffee and we’re trying to solve two big problems: supply chain opacity and market access. By connecting producers and consumers directly, we strive to solve value chain fragmentation while empowering collaborative efforts in ethical consumerism, social justice, and environmental stewardship. However, coffee’s supply chain can feel like a black box; consumers and farmers alike know very little of one another. Simply put, if the drivers of demand and the producers of our supply can see eye to eye, we can drive massive positive impacts.

Marketing in a Decentralized World

Moderator: Maria Prusakova
Panelists: Jonel Cordero, Dom Garrett, Tegan Gaan

Decentralization is an aspect that permeates many discussions in the blockchain space. Typically it’s used to refer to node distribution within a network but marketers are also having to grapple with the challenges of decentralization as they engage new communities of token holders. This discussion will delve into how blockchain marketing leaders are melding the old and the new to create the decentralized marketing organizations of the future.

What Are You Feeding Me? Food Safety, Consumer Trust & Blockchain Proof

Speaker: Eric Weaver
Co-founder & CEO at Transparent Path

Arsenic in your rice. Donkey meat in your ground beef. Salmonella in your child’s shampoo. Sugar water in your grandmother’s insulin shot. Incidents of counterfeit products, contamination, and outright fraud are mushrooming in the food, beauty and pharma sectors — and consumer trust has plummeted to historic lows. But what if your products could talk? Tell you where they came from, and where they’ve been? If they were real – or if they’d spoiled? Former Xerox blockchain lead Eric Weaver discusses the growing risks around these very personal products and how distributed ledger tech is providing better consumer engagement and full transparency into provenance. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of the growing trust crisis, how to rebuild trust via blockchain, and in-market use cases for innovative engagement, packaging & provenance.

Increasing Transparency in the Airline Voucher System

Speaker: Sarrita Hines
CEO at Trustabit 

Using blockchain to manage airline vouchers will improve the customer experience and drive loyalty by ensuring all parties are able to see up to date voucher information. The current paper-based system is inefficient: customers, handlers, and airlines all have incomplete information. It is estimated that payment fraud in this industry has reached $858MM! Blockchain will provide a single source of truth so that all stakeholders can be confident that they are using complete information.

Blockchain for Decentralized and Sustainable Journalism

Speaker: Toby Fox
Technologist-In-Residence at The Civil Media Company 

The journalism industry is in crisis. “Good journalism” and “making money” are no longer synonymous. Publishers, confronted with the harsh business realities of the digital age, cannot rely on ad revenue to sustain them as it did during print journalism’s reign. And journalism is increasingly becoming more of a profit vehicle than a pillar of democracy. In this talk we’ll discuss the opportunities and needs that newsmakers and their audiences across diverse platforms bring to blockchain technology, and explore the challenges for new models of journalism that this technology makes possible.

The Civil Media Company is introducing a new cooperative operating model that makes newsmakers accountable to their readership alone — not advertisers, not publishers, not billionaire owners; just readers. The Civil protocol powers a marketplace for sustainable journalism that, unlike traditional platform models, is governed by a decentralized network of participants from all over the world. To do so, we’re harnessing blockchain technology and cryptoeconomics to incentivize quality journalism and disincentivize low-quality journalism, bots, and spammers. This platform enables a more direct, transparent connection between citizens and journalists, strengthens protections for journalists against censorship and intellectual property disputes, and promotes ethical journalism above all other interests

Bringing Big Brands and Merchants to the Blockchain

Speaker: Ahmad Alkabra
CTO of LoyalCoin 

Customer loyalty and rewards programs are not living up to their full potential. They offer limited benefits and are often difficult and confusing to use, resulting in low usage and thus lower customer engagement with brands and merchants.

By replacing the limited reward points in the current customer loyalty setup with a blockchain-backed platform and global currency it increases participation and engagement between customer and brand at a global stage. We can unlock the full potential of rewards programs and increase the value for participants in this revamped loyalty ecosystem with faster transaction speeds, low cost, better value and interoperability at a global scale. With blockchain its possible to scale and expand to other territories and use the concept of the network effect.

The key challenge is to bring big name brands and merchants to the blockchain and to cryptocurrency. The loyalty and rewards space, however, allows them that bridge for it to happen.

Real World Use Cases Using OnChain/OffChain Blockchain Strategies

Speaker: Simon Yu
Co-founder & CEO at StormX

As blockchains have evolved and the retail buyer of cryptocurrencies has been coming into the space, scaling has become an even bigger challenge for businesses. As a blockchain innovator since 2014, Storm has figured out several techniques, including using offchain/onchain techniques that allow us to enable thousands of micro-transactions across 187 countries today. Come learn more about our patent-pending solution that has enabled over $2 million worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Storm Tokens to have been paid out to users all over the globe.

Blockchain: A Sustainable Solution for Farmers through the Supply Chain Implementation

Speaker: Martha Montoya
Founder & CEO at AgTools

Blockchain in the supply chain will facilitate decision-making today and future to avoid waste, mitigate climate change and more importantly provide economic sustainability for the farmers.

The Drake Effect: How An Outside-In Approach is needed to bring Blockchain/Crypto Mainstream; and How Pro Athletes, Celebrities, and eSports / Gaming Influencers can Help!

Moderator: Greg Zinone
Panelists: Angela Bernhard Thomas, Alex Novosad, Leah Lakstins

Like Blockchain, the gaming space was hard to understand for those not in the space…it took the space bringing their culture, and understanding of it, to the masses. Then, with celebrities wanting in, understanding and finally being accepted because of it…it’s now a worldwide, accepted phenomenon. And here to stay. If Blockchain wants to move into the mainstream, it needs to reach outside the tech bubble and help ppl understand it. Only then will it be fully accepted and pushed by the masses. Bringing that understanding to influencers, pro athletes, and celebrities, and having them push out to their fans is the perfect start!

Blockchain is the Future of Fan Engagement in Sports

Speaker: Patrick Dees
Founder & CEO of FANchise

With the infinite proliferation of entertainment options available to consumers today, professional sports leagues are desperate to increase fan engagement, interactivity, and retention. Patrick Dees, Chief Gaming Officer of the Fan Controlled Football League, will share how he and his co-founders are literally building a league on blockchain from the ground up in an effort to create the greatest level of engagement available in sports. In this high energy session, you’ll learn about their pilot team, the Screaming Eagles, and how they proved their concept, as well as the fan issues that arose and clearly made the case for building the league on blockchain. Sports is a nearly US$100 Billion business globally – you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to understand the applicability of blockchain to the industry.

Blockchain-Powered IoT Network for the Next-Generation Supply Chain

Speaker: Radoslav Dragov
Business Developer at Ambrosus

In today’s business landscape consumers are not merely asking for transparency, honesty, and alignment with their values, they are demanding it. By combining high-tech sensors with blockchain protocols, Ambrosus provides companies with a solution that reliably collects and records product information. During the presentation, we will describe two use cases with vanilla and beef traceability and detail how Ambrosus has strengthened the brand equity of our clients.

In Market Applications for Global Food & CPG 

Speaker: Drew Zabrocki
Co-founder & CEO at Centricity

Food authenticity, safety, and sustainability claims rely heavily on audit data; data that is disparate, out of sync and unable to be validated or analyzed in real-time.

A world where data flows openly from the producer to the store shelf only exacerbates an already broken system.  The industry is rebutting centralized approaches by implementing sovereign blockchain and connectivity services that protect farmers’ digital assets while meeting the value demands from consumers.

In this fast-paced and passionate presentation, Drew Zabrocki, CEO of (( centricity )), a farmer-owned data company, will discuss actual cases in a market with the largest global brands in food and consumer packaged goods.  He’ll share details of the open-source interoperable ecosystem and Centricity’s uniquely scalable enterprise framework.

Gaming Panel

Moderator: Nate Whitehill
Panelists: Mickey Maher, Benjamin Yobie, Danil Myakin

Description coming soon!