Regulatory Environment

Token Alliance Report 

Panelists: Amy Davine Kim, Joe Cutler, Abel Cuskelly

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ICOs & the Current State of Regulation 

Moderator: Jordan French
Panelists: Jonathon Miner, Ken Moyle, Jon Roth, Jenny Q Ta

The specter of regulation, enforcement, and sanctions has all but dominated the ICO funding environment and cryptocurrency market action. Hear analysis and the latest insights from top legal and compliance experts at Bittrex, K&L Gates, K6 Partners and Wall Street on one of Blockchain Seattle’s liveliest panels moderated by former enforcement attorney, TheStreet’s Jordan French.

Smart Contracts: Why States Don’t Need New Laws 

Speaker: Dax Hansen
Partner at Perkins Coie 

The rise of interest in smart contracts has resulted in a number of states passing laws to try and ensure that these agreements are given legal effect. While well-intentioned, these laws could create confusion rather than clarity. This panel will discuss smart contracts, these attempted legislative measures, and what states can do to support smart contract growth and adoption.

Self-Sovereign ID vs. GDPR 

Speaker: Dominique Shelton
Partner at Perkins Coie

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Why WA State is Crypto-Friendly  

Moderator: Tamara Rogers
Panelists: Faith Anderson, Charles Clark, Michael Schutzler

We will have DFI present a short piece on their regulatory approach to digital currency and ICOs here in Washington, and an overview of regulations nationwide. This will encompass money services,  money transmission, and interaction with Securities laws. Michael will speak to what this means for entrepreneurs and startups and offer best practice suggestions from the point of view of an investor and entrepreneur.

How to Use Blockchain and Zero Knowledge Proof Systems to Prove Possession

Speaker: Adam Philipp
Founder of Aeon Law

Intellectual Property protection often relies on who and when something was created. However there are often reason not to disclose creations before they are ready for the marketplace. Blockchains combined with Zero Knowledge (ZK) proof systems in combination with the blockchains systems provide an ideal environment to create provable creation dates and content before the release of IP into the marketplace. We will discuss examples and how they apply to different type of IP.

Decentralized Governance 

Speaker: Mark Cooley
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Govurn

One of the most important and least understood aspects of operating a successful decentralized blockchain system is the design and execution of the governance. From liquid democracy, to holocracy, to quadratic staked voting, to DAOs, learn about these important strategies for successful decentralized governance and the technology required to successfully operate them.

Why Mining Will Power the Next Supercomputers

Speaker: Dave Carlson
Founder and CEO at Giga Watt, Inc.

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On-Ramps for Government into Blockchain

Speakers: Lawrence Lerner & Senator Reuven Carlyle

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