Our way of building the Blockchain Community.

Do you want to see how blockchain technology has impacted other organizations? Hear from some of our speakers and panelists in a variety of industries, and see why they’re so excited to be a part of the growing technology. Blockchain Seattle will be the epicenter of community gathering, committing their efforts of providing an environment for educating surrounding blockchain.

Building Blockchain Community: Seattle V.5

“Community is where all the innovation happens” – Mark Mueller-Eberstein, CEO of Adgetec Corporation. It’s important to note that we must come together as a community if we want to see the adoption of blockchain.

Building Blockchain Community: Seattle V.4

Our conference is gathering the sharpest minds in blockchain, bringing the community’s biggest names together under one roof. See why these leaders consider Blockchain Seattle this year’s can’t-miss tech event.

Building Blockchain Community: Seattle V.3

“Community plays a big role in terms of adoption of this technology” – Jonel Cordero, CMO of Dragonchain. Find out why startups, entrepreneurs and venture capital firms all have their eyes blockchain and want to be a part of this year’s conference.

Building Blockchain Community: Seattle V.2

With 30+ active blockchain projects, Seattle is leading the charge in this emerging field. Learn about the concepts and community that make this city “the heart of blockchain in America”.

Building Blockchain Community: Seattle V.1

Be a part of a growing community that aims to educate, connect, and showcase blockchain innovation in the Pacific Northwest region. Get involved with Blockchain Seattle 2018, the conference experience that puts you at the center of this thriving industry.

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