Informed by the Past, Prepared for the Future: Dragonchain x KeepKey Meetup

The CoMotion Labs at the University of Washington have a proven record of fostering innovation in tech and business, making them an ideal venue to discuss the potential of blockchain. Last Monday, Dragonchain partnered with KeepKey, a hardware wallet provider and fellow company in the blockchain space, to engage with the community on topics such as security, storage, and business solutions.

Ken Hodler, Chief of Engineering at Keepkey, began the meetup by discussing the history of token storage and the options currently available to consumers. Using his extensive experience in crypto asset wallets, Hodler gave a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of different storage solutions, as well as the types of users each is best suited for. Rather than speak in absolutes or point to a single best type of wallet, the presentation suggested a hybrid approach that balanced the use of exchanges and crypto wallets.


It was a pleasure to meet everyone at the Blockchain Seattle Meetup. If you are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and live in the Seattle area, this is a great meetup. Both novices and experts will get something out of it. I will unquestionably be back. -Ken Hodler


Following Hodler’s presentation was an overview of the operational efficiencies possible through blockchain, delivered by Dragonchain’s Director of Product Marketing, Danny Luedke. He emphasized blockchain’s potential to reduce startup costs for new businesses, as well as the transformative potential of going serverless. Luedke also pointed to Dragonchain’s hybrid public-private model as a major source of security for blockchain solutions; and, like Hodler, he advocated for an approach that broke from established options in favor of a third path. Dragonchain’s portion of the meetup also touched on the subject of interchain as a means of driving both efficiency and security. By using this capability, businesses can protect themselves against the unexpected and also plan for the future.

Blockchain is poised to be one the most disruptive technologies in history. It’s exciting to come together with the blockchain community and share our experiences. The innovation present in this community is inspiring. -Danny Luedke


Hodler will be presenting at Blockchain Seattle 2018, along with multiple members of the Dragonchain team. To learn more about our speakers and our schedule for the event, make sure to visit our website.