Blockchain Seattle Job Fair-A Critical Mass of Movement Leaders

What do Fortune 500 companies, blockchain enthusiasts and college students all have in common? They all have a reason to attend the Blockchain Seattle Job Fair. This event marks the end of the conference, but also the beginning of many new careers in the blockchain space.

Whether you want to break in to a new industry, leverage your blockchain hobby into a full-time job or simply learn about positions in this emerging field, the Blockchain Seattle Job Fair has something for you. For the price of admission, you’ll have the unique opportunity to connect with leading local, national and international blockchain companies, all gathered under one roof.

The job fair takes time, travel, and scheduling out of the equation to let you network with more than 30 companies looking for potential candidates. Meeting all of these employers would normally take weeks or even months, but at the Job Fair, you can accomplish this task in a matter of hours.

This event is not only notable for hosting big names such as Perkins Coie and Bittrex, but also for encompassing a vast range of businesses tied to blockchain technology. The industries represented in the fair include but are not limited to: Supply Chain, Government Agencies, Healthcare, Insurance and Financial Institutions. With companies that run the gamut from startups to established tech giants, you can find options similar to your workplace just as easily as something new and different.

Even if you’re already working in blockchain, the job fair still has value to offer. You may come in contact with a new mentor or mentee, learn from peers in different sectors of blockchain or even find a new business partner. Additionally, the job fair will feature educational sessions hosted by Jahu Coleman from, a local organization focused on educating the community with specific curriculum and the latest industry news in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. These presentations will cover topics such as digital identity, introductions to blockchain concepts and pitches from exhibiting companies.

“The Blockchain Seattle Job Fair will be a huge opportunity for Dragonchain to connect face to face with talented people who share a passion for blockchain and have an interest in joining our mission.” said Jacqui Farnsworth, Human Resources Director for Dragonchain    

This event will take place on the second day of the conference in the  Exhibit Hall Don’t lose your spot for this one-of-a-kind networking experience, register today for the Blockchain Seattle Job Fair.