Molly Moore: Seeking New Horizons for Healthcare

Blockchain technology has opened the door for no small number of businesses, currencies, and network capabilities, catalyzing ideas and the spaces they occupy. Although blockchain has considerably broken new ground, it is just as important to consider how it can be applied to established industries. Our featured speaker, Molly Moore, harnesses the disruptive potential of this new technology to tackle age-old problems in the healthcare sector.

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare and involvement in positions of all types, Moore has had the opportunity to look at the industry from multiple vantage points throughout her career. She has worked alongside doctors, venture capitalists, and everything in between, giving her a clear view of the mechanisms that connect people to medical services. It was in this environment that Moore not only came to understand the status quo, but also the tools necessary to change it.  

It seemed to be the next horizon for healthcare. People who are smarter than me told me, “you need to know about this and how it will change this industry,” So I listened. -Molly Moore

Moore presently works as the Health Plan Operations Lead for Decent, a healthcare company using blockchain and crypto assets to reduce costs, improve accessibility, and give members more control over their care. In her position, she is responsible for synthesizing providers, benefits, and systems that administer payments into cohesive and transparent health benefit plans for patients. Many facets of this process have been fundamentally changed with the adoption of blockchain; not everything is perfect, according to Moore, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.       

In blockchain there are a ton of opinions, few experts, and the most male dominated industry and culture I have ever worked in. On the flip side, I have had so many people, men and women, who want to see this technology change the way healthcare is delivered that they are willing to dig in and go out of their way to help us succeed.

Moore’s presentation at this year’s conference will shed light on blockchains’ potential to decentralize healthcare, change the way plans are designed, and eventually deliver healthcare to all.