Kate Mitselmakher: From Miner to Mentor

Blockchain Seattle has already confirmed several distinguished speakers positioned at the forefront of blockchain solutions and integration. Though they are all considered industry elites, few can claim the exposure of our first highlighted speaker―Kate Mitselmakher.

As the Founder and CEO of Bloccelerate, a business accelerator for blockchain companies, Kate provides funding, guidance, and other resources for startups around the world. Bloccelerate places high value on innovation and is projected to invest in 50 to 100 companies within the next five to ten years. Before Bloccelarate, Mitselmakher served as a mentor for Alchemist Accelerator, where she helped seed an average of 40 ventures a year.

Mitselmakher is unquestionably a blockchain leader, but that isn’t to say she can’t relate to the average user. Her history in the blockchain ecosystem dates back to 2013, when she got her start as one of the technology’s early adopters. While Kate’s days as a cryptocurrency miner and trader are now behind her, she remains an active part of the community. As the organizer of the monthly Crypto Mining meetups, she lends her experience to Q&A sessions, discussions on mining news, and networking events. Mitselmakher firmly believes in the talent and promise of the Seattle blockchain community, as well as its potential to improve when connected with the right resources.

Like many of our other speakers, Mitselmakher has also published several thought pieces and academic materials on the subject of blockchain, most notably her graduate thesis from Harvard. Earlier this year, she wrote an op-ed titled, The Future of Blockchain Technology: Top Five Predictions for 2030, which foresees the future of identity solutions, token-based economies and lifestyle changes brought about by blockchain technology.

Mitselmakher is one of Blockchain Seattle’s most anticipated guests, having made prominent appearances at other tech conferences such as Blockchain NW and TiEcon.

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